Durability You Can Depend On

America was built on the dominance of our manufacturing capabilities, where “better” meant better quality, better performance, and better products through innovation. But somewhere along the line, the focus shifted from “better” to “cheaper.” Recently, however, there has been encouraging signs and growing support for “Made in USA” products, not just for patriotic reasons. Consumers still associate “Made in USA” with better quality, safety, and reliability, and there is growing demand for better, and more innovative products.

While this is a positive trend, US Acrylic has long been manufacturing high quality drinkware and storage products here in the United States since 1978.

We have been steadfastly committed to manufacturing the best products in the US for the past 40 years. It hasn’t been without its challenges, but our commitment to Made in USA stems from our commitment to quality and service. Each year, we continue to invest in our factory in Libertyville, Illinois to allow us to cost effectively manufacture in the US. Domestic production not only allows us to employ American workers, use American vendors, and help companies in our community, it also provides other benefits to our customers. It enables us to respond quicker to our customers changing needs with shorter lead times and more flexibility.

We value and appreciate the support from all of our customers, from the largest retailers in the US, to small, local boutique shops throughout America. For us, and our customers, Made in USA is not just a recent phenomenon. It has always been who we are. That is why we will always remain deeply committed to the phrase “Made in USA.”